May 2017

Here you will find the latest developments about neighbourhood and street warden schemes from around the world, with examples of good practice and others’ experiences and innovations. Join and take a constructive role in our new international network – a forum for exchanging ideas and information; a medium for all of us to improve our streets, neighbourhoods and communities.

Latest News

‘Significant Progress’ Against Anti-Social Behaviour 29-Oct-2004
New powers to help parish councils tackle anti-social and environmental crime have been announced by the Prime Minister and Home Secretary, David Blunkett, as new Government figures are published showing the success of its anti-yob powers.

Call for Partnership between Government and Licensed Trade 28-Oct-2004
A call has been made for a partnership between the licensed trade and government to help tackle three serious problems facing Scotland.

PM Promises New Drive Against Anti-Social Behaviour 27-Oct-2004
Tony Blair has promised another law and order crackdown and defended controversial criminal justice reforms.

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