Do you ever expect to have organized makeup on your dresser? If you have, it is time to make it possible. Actually, there are many ways of DIY storage box for makeup ideas. By these ideas, you don’t need to spend a lot of costs to make your makeup organized. Let’s see the following organization ideas of your makeup.

1. DIY Painted Jar For Organizing Brush

Sometimes, it is difficult to store the brushes in the right place. On the other hand, we are easy to lose them or make them dirty. It happens because of the wrong storage place. In this case, we can apply a simple and low-cost storage box to save them by DIY. We will use the painted jar as the storage box. Besides, we may apply more than one jar to add more storage.

2. DIY Ice Cube Trays As Makeup and Brush Holder

Except for painted jar, we can apply the ice cube tray also as a DIY storage box for makeup ideas. This idea is very unique and interesting to apply. Furthermore, the ice cube has natural borders for each side. Thus, it will be easy to apply is as the makeup and brush holder. You might cover each side by colored paper. Then, the makeup and brush holder will have a good appearance.

3. DIY Makeup Storage From Candle Jar

Actually, many things are suitable as the storage box of Makeup including the candle jar. In this case, you can directly apply the candle jar as the storage box without decorating it. on the other hand, you can also give some touch and coloring the candle jar first before applying. The candle jar will look cute with transparent color.

Besides, you can combine other accessories to increase the storage’s appearance like coloring, covering, or others. Apply your creativity and make an interesting storage box as you can.

4. DIY Hanging Makeup Storage

Except for standing storage on the dresser, you can also apply the hanging makeup storage. Is it hard to create? Of course no. you can use clothe hanger as the bone of hanging storage. Then, cover the cloth hanger by fabric. After that, don’t forget to make some bags on the surfaces. Then, your hanging makeup storage is ready to use.

In addition, you might avoid saving heavy makeup in the hanging storage. Besides, you can store light and small makeup like mini eye shadow, mini lipstick, and other small size makeup.

5. Roll-up Brush Storage

For traveling, we need to prepare comfortable brush storage to store them. in this case, we need adjustable storage that is able to bring on travel. Therefore, we can apply the roll-up brush storage made from fabric. In other words, the roll-up storage is almost the same as a mini bag. We can easily store and bring the makeup inside this roll-up storage.

Makeup is the most important thing, especially for the woman. However, having makeup is not enough. Besides, we need to understand how to store them in the right place. Thus, we need to prepare a special storage box to save them by DIY storage box for makeup ideas.