Decorating Tips For Small Apartments To Make It Homey

A big apartment maybe a dream occupancy for most people. But it doesn’t mean a small apartment is bad. Though smaller in comparison, a small apartment has its own advantage. And based on the owner, even a small apartment can be the best home. The trick is laying on how you decorate your small apartment. So, this is decorating tips for small apartments.

Decorating Tips For Small Apartments

1. Choose A Bright Color for the Interior

Do you want to know what’s decorating tips for small apartments? The first thing is about the interior. Choosing the right color of the small apartment interior can make a drastic change. If you choose a rich and darker color for your small apartment, then you have made a mistake. That’s because these kinds of colors will make the spaces look smaller. For a small apartment, it is wise if you choose a bright color for the interior as it can make the rooms looks more spacious.

If you think one color doesn’t satisfy your taste, you can choose three kinds of colors. Light and bright colors can make the rooms seem larger. And by adding darker shades, your rooms will look more interesting.

2. Optimize Vertical Storage

The problem with a small apartment is that it doesn’t have a lot of spaces. So, if you have many things, it may make your apartment looks cramped unless you know how to take care of them. But actually you don’t need to worry about it. There is always a trick to enlarge your apartment. That is by using vertical storage.

This kind of storage is very convenient for a small apartment as it doesn’t require a lot of space. On the other hand, by using vertical storage you can free some spaces and so the rooms will be more spacious. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is one of the examples of vertical storage. It does not only bring luxuriousness in your apartment but also can be used to divide the rooms.

3. Be Creative With Unused Space

The decorating tips for small apartments lay on how you make use of unused spaces. Every apartment actually has a space that is not used. Your task is to examine such as dead spaces. And then think about how to use them to your liking. For example, you can use space near the door of your room and make a shelf. You can also use space under your bed and change it to your closet. Let’s your creativity run wild and use it to decorate the unused spaces of your apartment.

4. Make a Use of Multitasking Furniture

The apartment where you live is small so you want to avoid using a lot of furniture. But, you also need furniture for your daily necessities. So, how to solve this problem? It is very east. What you need to do is use the furniture that has multifunction. As an example, you can use a bed that can be folded into a sofa. Or the coffee table that can turn itself into an office station.

Decorate your small apartment can be really fun. And with the decorating tips for small apartments, you can change your small apartment into a spacious-look and comfy house. Now, your small apartment won’t lose to the bigger one.

Rustic Living Room Decoration For Homey Feeling

Rustic living room decoration always has its charm for people to keep using the style from time to time. The reason is that rustic feeling brings out the familiar feeling with keep the memories. Thus, it not just a room in the house, but memory storage about the people who live in it.

Also, by going with the rustic decoration for the living room, you can have the memorabilia about your personal life. It’s not just a living space, but also a place where you are living. Not to mention, when people visiting your place and have a look at how you decorate your home, they will feel warm. For that reason, here are some ways of putting some rustic feeling in your living room:

1. Family Picture is A Must

The first rule for going with rustic living room decoration is the family picture. Putting the family picture in the living room will announce who live in there. Also, don’t stop on one family picture you take in the studio. But you can put on the smaller ones on frames and arrange them around on the shelf, table, or even put it on the wall.

2. Choose Natural Color

The next rule you shouldn’t forget when choosing for a rustic style is using the natural color. Also, remember, that you can’t put black and white for rustic. Because it will void the purpose of giving a warm feeling by choosing the rustic style. The reason is that these two basic colors have a more modern feel than rustic.

3. Decorate with Children’s Craft

One thing you can feel at ease when leaning for rustic style for the living room is about the budget. Yes, you get it right, rustic living room decoration can cost you a little penny with the details. Because you can put your children’s craft for the decoration. Aside from budget saving, it’s one way to show that your children are matter by displaying what they created.

4. Add Items through the Years

Another plus point by choosing rustic is that you don’t have to go big at once. Because rustic is about time-lapse that isn’t happening at a heartbeat. Instead, there’s one new thing to add to remember for each moment. Also, it’s okay for a mismatch, since rustic is not about a pair of matching sofa. It’s more about adding memories of the people who are living there as time goes by.

5. Old is Gold

Just like continuously mentioned above, rustic living room decoration is about the memories. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about spreading an old worn rug. Although some people will feel better by changing the rug after a period of time, with rustic, you don’t have to do the same. Also, the worn rug feels more inviting than the brand new one.

Choosing for rustic living room decoration is a clever option. This is that, you don’t have to keep updating your living room interior design after a few years. Instead, you can add one memorabilia at a time and only choose to remove the furniture when it goes out of order.

Incredible, This is Some Interior Decor for Living Room Ideas for You

Having amazing interior decor for living room should be everyone’s dream. You may ever wonder before to gather with a big family in the living room. On there, you will have a lot of things to do like reading a book or watching a TV together. That’s why it is important to decorate your living room as beautiful and comfy as you can.

However, a beautiful living room can be advantages for you when you bring your friends here. It is the main place where they usually see at first. When you are success steals their heart, at first sight, then they would give more respect for you. You can mix some interior decor for living room ideas and produce the new one. In here, we will give you some of the interior decor ideas. Here we go.

1. Glam Chicago Living Room

Well, this first interior decor of living room only contained a pastel color. It will be perfect for you who loved a living room without too many diverse colors. You can use white or light brown as the wall color and make it a great background. Mixed it with other stuff like a light grey sofa or golden light poles. Also, you can add some antique goods but don’t forget to watch the balance sense.

2. New York City Loft

If you want some urban touch in your living room, then it will be perfect for you. However, this design has a large area with some glass windows to make the light come in. On the other hand, some interior like the chair should be a simple one with grey or black color. You can mix some colors on this design like grey, white, or brown. But don’t put some stuff with bright colors because it can disturb the sense of beauty.

3. California Bungalow Lounge

Do you want your living room is full of many and looks “full”? Then it can be an inspirational design for you. This California bungalow lounge has an eccentric accent with a lot of knick-knacks on the wall. You can put a lot of pictures or some paint on there. Don’t be worry about the aesthetic part of your living room. This design will look perfect if you put these stuff perfectly.

4. Minimalist Living Room

If you don’t have so much time to clean any stuff on your room, maybe you can try this design. This minimalist design doesn’t need too much stuff but still have a great look. However, this design is one of the famous designs nowadays. You need to play the wall color to make it looks full. Give some glass furniture to let the sunshine in. Add a carpet under your chair to give a different accent on there.

So this is the end of this interior decor for living room ideas. You can get other inspiration on the internet or books if you think this is not enough. Make sure you choose the right one because it wouldn’t be that cheap to reset your living room. Also, it will be a place where you and your family gather and spend a lot of time.

How to Decorate Hallway to Look Bigger and Prettier

Hallways are part of a house or building that connects one room with another room. Even though it has an important role in the building people usually don’t care too much. Sometimes hallways are made dark and scary at some buildings. Rather than ignoring it, people can decorate hallways, so it can look more welcoming. There are ways on how to decorate hallway so that it can look bigger and prettier.

Maximize the space of a hallway especially if you have limited space in the house. This place can be used for putting shoes, coats or other general stuff. Also, adjust the color so that when people come inside it seems welcoming and friendly. Here are some tips on how to decorate hallway so that it doesn’t look dark and creepy:

1. Neutral Color

Hallways are usually small and long in each house. There isn’t much space in a hallway, therefore choose a neutral and bright color so it can look bigger. Using bright colors will make the walls look far away from each other and the place looks lighter. Some colors that people can use are white, light blue or light grey.

2. Use Mirrors

An easy way on how to decorate hallway is by putting mirrors on the walls. Mirror always play a magical role in houses which can make it look bigger. Therefore, put a mirror on the wall to make the hallway look long and big. Choose a long and big mirror to hang on the wall. Don’t forget to adjust it to the theme.

 3. Lighting

Lights and lamps is also a way that can always make the room look bad or great at the same time. If you have a narrow hallway in the house, add some white lighting in the space. This can really make the hallway look friendly and wider. The more lamps people give the bigger space will look. However, too much light will spend too much electricity. Therefore, choose one or two lamps that give the best lighting.

 4. Color the Trim

Other then the walls, try to color the trims of the hallways to make it look nicer. Choose tones that can open the space of the house and hallways. Try choosing different colors with the wall but make sure that they blend together.

 5. Adding Artwork

Add some artwork on the walls of a hallway is also great. This is one of the easiest ways to make the hallway look friendly. People can add some paints, hangers, and carpets to make it look welcoming. Other artworks can also be added but just make sure not to put too much. You can also put your shoe rack there.

These easy ways on how to decorate hallway are very easy and simple to do. They are cheap and fast ways to make the hallway look bigger and neater for people to see. So, a hallway is not always a creepy and abandoned place in the house. But, it can be a place where people put their belongings and welcome people at the same time. 

5 Simple And Easy Themes For Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen is a functional room that must exist in every house or apartment. How ever small or big your kitchen is, the decoration will make it more special. Here are some themes for kitchen decor ideas options that you can use without doing any complicated things.

1. Colorful Kitchen

The first themes for kitchen decor ideas are with a splash of colors. You can choose your favorite color to be the basic then choose another color to be the accent.

Some kitchen also decorated well with some combination of colors. If you want to make this combination, check for the color pallets on the internet.

You can find some basic color, with a harmonious combination to another color. Put the basic color on your wall. Then, add some paintings or photos above them.

Moreover, you can paint the cabinets or kitchen table with another harmonious color. Make sure all the things inside the kitchen still harmonious. You don’t want the colors to make your kitchen too crowded and be too messy to see.

2. Farmhouse Style Kitchen

The next heme you can use is the farmhouse style theme. The farmhouse kitchen has some characteristics.

For example, the use of wood in most of the kitchen’s furniture. You can use a wooden table that looks rustic and simple to be the center of the kitchen.

Then, a wooden cabinet to store all the things you need. Paint them with a calm and warm color. You can use a soft brown or cream, for the wood color.

That color is simple enough yet looks so rustic. So the kitchen will feel warmer and cozy.

3. Winter Theme Kitchen Decor

The next themes for kitchen decor ideas in winter. You can use it to be the basis of your Christmas decorations.

Christmas is identic to white, green and red color. While winter is great with more white, soft brown, and cool blue.

You can change the furniture color with white, then decorate with Christmas accessories. You can put some snowflakes as an accent on the wall or table.

Add some little deer statue as an accent on the table. Place the red hat or the green trees too in the kitchen.

4. Shabby Chic Theme

If you like cute things inside your home, use the shabby chic theme in your kitchen. Basically, the shabby chic is combining pastel color, with some little floral pattern.

This theme is suitable for a little kitchen which wants to look more pretty without any complicated things to do.

Place a floral pattern mat above the table. Choose pastel colors like cream, soft pink, or another desired color. Let the other things around the kitchen use the same basic color so the shabby chic kitchen will look cute but without too much ornament.

5. Coffee Kitchen Decor

The next themes for kitchen decor ideas are a coffee kitchen style. This is inspired by the color of the coffee which is brown or black.

This theme is good for a man’s kitchen which doesn’t like the too clean minimalist kitchen. Add a wooden cabinet to store items, and color it white.

Then, you can put some coffee things above it. For example some mugs, coffee makers, coffee beans in a jar, and etc. As long as you use the brown, white, and black color as the main color of the kitchen this theme would look great.

Those themes for kitchen decor can be improved according to what you need. But the basic is being creative in your kitchen.

Little details from the accessories that you put in the table or unique cookware you use also can be a decoration too for the kitchen. Be creative and be happy in your cooking time.

Top 5 Porch Design Ideas You Will Love

If you like relaxing in front of the house, you definitely have the desire to have a nice porch. Besides being nice to look at, you will also be comfortable when you have a nice porch. So, you should start to find out about porch design ideas.

The porch design will give you choices according to your preferences. You can consider what kind of porch design is suitable for your home. Here are 5 porch design ideas that you can take into consideration:

1.     Mediterranean Style

If you like the classic porch design, this style suits you. This style is identical to the use of tiles that are light brown, beige, or light orange. Tiles that are suitable for this style must be textured, not glossy tiles.

You can complement your porch with rattan furniture and soft sofas. Decorate the surrounding with greenery in pots or vines around the patio pillars. Porch design like this is perfect for enjoying the fresh air in the morning.

2.     Cheerful Nuance

One way to excite the mood in the morning is to relax on the porch of a cheerful house. The points that need to be in the porch design of this house are comfortable seating and brightly colored carpet.

In addition, you can also complete it with colorful cushions and several small pots and colorful flowers as well. Remember to adjust the area of the porch with the amount of furniture so that space does not seem small.

3.     Rustic Style

This design is perfect for those of you who are tired of busy activities in the city center. So, you can bring a rural feel to the design of the porch so that the mind becomes more relaxed.

The porch design is simple and relies on wood material from the roof to the floor. You don’t need to put down with a lot of furniture if you choose this style. Thus, you only need a few chairs and tables with a minimalist design and have a wooden element.

4.     Vintage Style

One of the porch design ideas that you would love is vintage style. It looks very simple, there are only sets of white chairs and flower pots. For the walls, use vintage distinctive colors such as turquoise or exposed brick walls.

You can also combine it with pillars that are useful for supporting the roof. Vintage-style usually chooses pillars with large sizes. Add also some classic lights that stick to the porch wall of your home.

5.     Minimalist And Modern Style

This porch style is currently being popularly applied in many homes. This is because the porch with a minimalist and modern style looks very simple but attractive. You can choose the dominance of natural stone and minimalist colors such as black and gray for the walls.

You also do not need to be busy treating this porch because it is very simple. Although the design is very simple, this house has a contemporary and everlasting look.

Those are 5 porch design ideas that you will like. Choose one of 5 styles that fit the character of your home. In addition, consider also the size of your porch if it is possible for you to have a certain style of the porch.