5 Best House Cleaning Equipment That You Must Have

Everyone certainly wants a clean and healthy home. But someone does not make the house healthy and clean without cleaning it. Therefore you will need some cleaning equipment to help you when cleaning the house. The following are some of the best house cleaning equipment.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

One of the best home floor cleaning tools is a vacuum cleaner. This tool has the ability to clean the floor better because it can suck and clean small particles of dirt. Not only that, you can use a vacuum cleaner anywhere in the entire room in your home. Another advantage of a vacuum cleaner is that it can clean the dust on both open and narrow surfaces.

Moreover, to use this tool you only need to connect it with electricity and dust on the floor or on the couch disappear. So if you want the house to look fresh without dust, then use a vacuum cleaner. But do not forget, before buying a vacuum cleaner, you should first observe, which product is most suitable to your desires.

2. Mop

One of the best house cleaning equipment is a mop. This tool will maximize the work of a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can indeed suck all the dust and dirt on the floor or on the sofa. The floor is still not clean of bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, to mop the floor must use a special liquid that can clean the bacteria that is on the floor. There are several types of floor mops such as special dust mop, flat floor mop, steam floor mop, and super mop. Of course, all types of mops that have their respective effectiveness, so you can choose according to the needs of your home.

3. Sponges

This little tool is one of the best house cleaning equipment. Although small, but this tool has a very important function because it can absorb water well. Therefore, people used to use a sponge to wash dishes, wash cars, clean the kitchen of liquid, and others.

There are various variants of sponges on the market such as sponges rather coarse, super soft sponges, or microfiber sponges. So you can choose to buy the right type of sponge for home use. Therefore, you must have a sponge at home to help you clean the house.

4. Microfiber cloth

Another best house cleaning equipment that you must have at home is a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth can clean narrow surfaces, areas that are not too broad, very easily. So, if you add a little water, dirt or stains can disappear immediately.

The kitchen is one of the easiest places to get dirty or stain. Therefore, this cloth must be in your kitchen to clean stains and dirt after cooking or eating, which is usually difficult to clean. For stubborn stains, you can add soap to the microfiber cloth, then start rinsing it thoroughly.

5. Brush

The last best cleaning equipment is a brush. The brush can clean stains or dirt in certain places. The brush has a more powerful ability than cloth or sponge. Sometimes there are stains that cannot be cleaned by a sponge so you have to use a brush to overcome them.

One example is a stain that has crusty on the bathroom floor or wall. Of course, you have to use a brush so that the dirt can be easily lifted. There are various variants of the brush, some are soft, half soft, or rough, choose according to your needs.

Those are some of the best house cleaning equipment that you can use for your beloved home. Make sure the 5 tools are in your home. If not, you can get these household cleaning tools easily at the nearest home supply stores.

DIY Brilliant Storage Container Ideas To Save Your Stuff

Organizing the house so that it is always nice and neat can be a challenge for some people. Having so many things in the house but little space to put them away is usually the main problem they face. Adding more closet and shelves can also make the house even more full. Buying storage is also not cheap, so rather than buying one, try to search for brilliant storage container ideas that you can make on your own.

There are many objects that you can use as a storage container in the house. Broken and unused objects in the house can be conjured up into a storage container. So, don’t throw away the things in the house and make something new from it. Here are some DIY brilliant storage container ideas that you can make to put your stuff in:

1. Broken Fan

If you have a broken fan and it can’t be repaired, then use it as a container for your stuff. Take out the blades and the spare part inside the fan and clean the inside. Then for the front side of the fan, cut it into half so the top part is opened. This way you can put your stuff from the front top part of the fan. You can put your mails or newspaper inside the fan without worrying it will fall.

2. Tissue Boxes

One of the brilliant storage container ideas that people can make is storage from a box. Don’t throw away your tissue boxes or any kind of box in the house. Any box will make a great storage container to keep things organized. One of the ways you can use a tissue box is by using to put your stationary in. All you need to do is cut the height of the box and adjust it with your drawer. If possible, but more than one box inside, so you can organize your stationery inside. Then put them based on their functions and types.

3. PVC Container

Having a small kid in the house means having a lot of toys in the house. Don’t worry because you can still have a neat house by making your storage container. Buy pipes/ PVC and cut them according to space in your house. Then make a square shape / a shape of a container using the connectors that you have bought. But before connecting them, put in a piece of fabric on each side of the square, so it will close the area. Make sure to let one open, to put your stuff in.

4. Suitcase Cabinet

A suitcase can always be used whether you use it to travel or for a cabinet in the house. If you have an unused suitcase that is not too big, use it as a bathroom cabinet. In the cabinet, you can put your towels, tissue and even soap inside the suitcase. If you want to hang it make sure the nails are strong enough to bring up the weight.

5. Unused Jars

After buying peanut butter or jam, don’t throw away the jar. Use the jar as a storage for the house. You can use it for your brushes or your ingredients in the kitchen, so they don’t pile up. You can decorate the jars to make it more interesting rather than just a clear jar.

So, these DIY brilliant storage container ideas are very easy to make. The best part of making these storage containers is they are cheap and will make the house more organized. So, try making your storage container and organize your house so that it can look tidy

Old Window Upcycle Ideas For Your House Decoration

As time pass, some things in the house will just get old and broken. Therefore, people usually just throw out these things without recycling them or using them for another purpose. However, rather than throwing things away, try to recycle those old things and make something new from it. One of the things in the house that you can recycle and redesign is the old windows frame. They may look useless and old, but they can be reused and recycle to make something new. In fact, there are many kinds of old window upcycle ideas that you can make for your house.

So, if you have an old window in your house that you are not using anymore don’t throw it away. Move the broken parts and use the frames for decoration in the house. There are many kinds of decoration that you can make from old windows and they are very easy to make. Here are some of the old window upcycle ideas that you can try making:

1. Accessory Hanger

Having too much accessory will never go wrong for woman especially if they use it for their daily life. However, what can go wrong is how they organize it. Therefore, rather than buying a new accessory organizer, make one from an old window. Cut or choose a window that has a size of 2×2. Then on the sides and middles parts of the window nail some nails and cover them up with an accessory. You can then hang all your accessories such as earing and necklaces on the nails. This way you can keep all your accessories organized without extra cost.

2. A-Frame Perches

Make use of an old window by making it as a frame perches in your house. If you have a fireplace, then put the old frame above it. Or if you don’t have one just hang it on the wall with some nails. Then, inside the squares of the window, you can add pictures, letters of even flowers. Therefore, the window will work as a frame rather than an old window.

3. A Chalkboard

One of the old window upcycle ideas that you can create is a chalkboard for your house. You can make small chalkboards through the frames of or make it big chalkboard by cutting off the lines. The hang it on your wall to make an accessory where you can write notes for people in the house.

4. Room Divider

If you are creative enough, then you can make an old window as a room divider in the house. However, make sure you have enough old windows to divide the space in the room. You can go with the rusty design or repaint it to make the divider look newer. You can divide the room by putting the old windows on a table or hang them up, so they don’t take too much space.

5. Plants Hanger

Other than using it for accessory hangers, people can use them to hang small plants inside or outside the house. Add some nails on each top of the frame and hang on small plants on each part of the nail. Make sure the plants are not too big and they can be treated easily. This simple decoration will make your house more beautiful with the touch of something rusty and some plants.

There are many old window upcycle ideas that you can make for decoration. Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything because hanging an old window itself is a decoration to the house. Old windows do give a rusty look to the house, therefore without doing many touches, it is already great. So, rather than throwing things away, try to recycle them and make something useful from it.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles Naturally Using Simple Ingredient

After you decorate your home, you are responsible to keep it clean. One issue that usually is a problem for the homeowner is cleaning the bathroom. It needs something different because you can’t just wipe like the bedroom or even the kitchen tile. The bathroom has different dirt or stain, moreover, the humidity can grow molds. But, don’t be worry, in this article, you will find how to clean bathroom tiles naturally in an easy way.

how to clean bathroom tiles naturally

If you want a quick result, you can use a chemical liquid. Many people use it, but in fact, it is dangerous, both for your health and kids’ safety. The scent from that chemical liquid is bad for your respiration. That is why we find alternative ways about how to clean bathroom tiles naturally. All things used above are safe. Nothing to worry even though your kids are standing near you help to clean the bathroom together.

1. Baking Soda

This ingredient is always at the top place as a home remedy, including to clean the house. Baking soda is effective to remove the stains, even for the naughty one. Mop the floor by using it, these all you have to do: take ¼ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of baking soda. For the mixture, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap is enough. Pour them all inside warm water, then apply to the bathroom tile. It would be nicer if you add an essential oil too.

2. Vinegar with Alcohol

Besides combining with the baking soda, you can also mix the vinegar with alcohol. It is not only good to remove the stains, but also keep the ants and mice away from your bathroom. Mix the white vinegar with rubbing alcohol and water. You can put them inside the spray bottle to ease you in cleaning. Drop to the area you want to clean, then wipe it. For the harder stain, the liquid soap can help you.

3. Epsom Salt

When you are planning to clean the grout, it is better to mix the baking soda with Epsom salt. Prepare a cup of Epsom salt, ½ cup of baking soda, and water. Liquid hand soap is optional, but it could be an extra scent so the final would be smelling fresh. Mix all of them together, then scoop by using a toothbrush and rub the grout. It is very safe if you want to involve your son or daughter. Rinse the floor once you see it is clean.

4. Lemon Juice

Just like the baking soda, lemon juice gives you many advantages besides being skincare. Lemon contains high acid which very useful as anti-bacterial and anti-septic. Here, you still need white vinegar and baking soda for the mixture. Prepare the 1/3 cup of baking soda and white vinegar, ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice, and water. Mix them and put them inside the spray bottle. Spray the floor, wait for a minute, then scrub.

5. Vinegar and Detergent

Vinegar could be mixed with anything, even all you have is only the detergent. Don’t be worry, you are still able to clean the bathroom using it. Mix them with the water and pour to the tiles. Wait up to 10 minutes, let them react to erase the stains, then scrub to take out the harder one. Rinse with the water and make sure the tile is free from the soap. It will be slippery and harm to the kids.

From all the tips about how to clean bathroom tiles naturally above, you might get a different result. Because each ingredient’s strength is not the same in cleaning the stains. But however, all of them are better than you keep using the chemical liquid. Just try and find which best as your solution.

Card And Table Games In Online Casinos

As players bet at online gambling clubs they will come to comprehend the complexities of web based betting. Anyway players ought to have an essential thought of what’s in store else they will explore carelessly without getting a charge out of the experience.

The principle items that online club offer are the games. Information on the scope of games on offer will help the new player in choosing the game proper to his necessities. Online club order the games into gatherings in order to make route simpler. All gambling clubs don’t follow a similar framework yet the accompanying grouping is generally normal. The gatherings are table games, video poker games and slot games. Table games are those games that are played on tables in land gambling clubs, while video poker and slots are played on PC screens. Table games are once in a while additionally split as games and table games (which allude to the table games that don’t utilize cards).

The most widely recognized games are blackjack and baccarat. Both these games have low house edges and hence perfect for fledglings. Baccarat is the less complex game yet requires no expertise. The blackjack rules are more perplexing however the result of the game depends somewhat on player expertise. This makes blackjack increasingly agreeable. Thus new players would do well to acquaint themselves with blackjack before wandering into online gambling clubs. There are a few demos and instructional exercises accessible on the Internet and the player can practice the play with the expectation of complimentary choice at online gambling clubs till he picks up certainty. The other games are poker based. Some of them are Tri Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and Let It Ride. In these games the players don’t play against one another as in poker, however every player plays independently against the seller as in blackjack. These games are alluded to as gambling club poker games since poker hand rankings are utilized to choose which hand is better. New players can leave these games for some other time.

The primary table games are roulette and craps. Roulette is the most well known land gambling club game and however it has a higher house edge than blackjack it is favored by numerous individuals for its style esteem. Roulette is a straightforward game and requires no ability and ought to be the first decision in quite a while. On the off chance that various types of roulette are offered the main decision ought to be French roulette, the subsequent option ought to be European roulette and the last decision ought to be American roulette. Craps is loaded up with sucker wagers and new players ought not wander into this game except if they can separate between the great wagers and the sucker wagers. Keno is another generally played table game. Some slot online club, in any case, arrange it in Other Games or Specialty Games.

Best Ideas For Basement Remodeling Trend In 2020

The basement is a floor of a building that the location is underneath the ground floor. Usually, for business and public space, the basement is used for the parking lot. As for basement homes, people usually use it as a utility space. People would keep the water heater, the air conditioner, and the breaker panel. However, nowadays people change the function of a basement for a functional room. Also now there are many best ideas for basement remodeling.

best ideas for basement remodeling

In the past, the basement was a scary thing, especially for kids. However, now basements could be a great place to spend the time. There are many great and creative ideas that people could use to change their basement into a beautiful room. Here are some best ideas for basement remodeling that people could use as an inspiration.

1. A Family Space

The first thing that people could use in their basement is a family room. Maybe people would already have a family room on the ground floor. However, making another one in the basement could be a great idea as well. People could use a different concept with a bigger space here. Moreover, the basement would not only be a place to gather for the whole family. But it is also a neat place for guests as well.

2. A Private Home Theater

The next best ideas for basement remodeling trends are the media and home theater room. People could create their home theater with a low budget. All they need to do to the room are enclosed the walls and add an LED floor lighting. For equipment, people could use a projection screen with the favorite sound system. Moreover, people could use beanbags for a relaxing and comfortable for the seats.

3. A Guest Suite

Another great trend that people could use for their basement is using it as a guest suite. Either for family or friends, providing an extra bedroom is always better than renting a public room. People could also add some little space of their storage and use it when there no guests around.

4. A Private Home Gym

Home Gyms are also one of the best ideas for basement remodeling. Whether people have a small or a large space in their basement, it is always capable of a gym. First of all, people could decorate the basement with sport decors and equipment. After that, provide storage to keep all the sports tools. To make it more comfortable, add some home decorative items in it.

5. A Personal Mini-Bar

One of the best and famous rooms that are used in the basement is a minibar. People could keep their favorite beers and make drinks here. With the right decoration, it could even be a personal mini-pub. Moreover, the minibar or mini pub is a great idea of the basement. It would an enjoyable place for friends to spend and hangout.

Basements now are more than just a cold room of the house. With the best ideas for basement remodeling, it could not only a function room but also comfortable and stylish. Moreover, people could spend much of their time in the basement.

DIY Decor Ideas for Wedding, The Way To Make Your Wedding Glorious

One of the important events in life is a wedding. That’s why it is no wonder that people think so much about how to make their wedding become a memorable event. But the budget for celebrating a wedding is so big especially in decorating. So, what’s should you do? The answer is to do a DIY decor for your own wedding. Not only is saving the money but this way your wedding will be more memorable. So, here is just for you DIY decor ideas for wedding.

DIY Decor Ideas for Wedding

1. Creative and Unique Guest Book

If you’re talking about DIY decor ideas for wedding, the first thing comes to mind is the guest book. Rather than the usual guest book, try to be more creative and unique. You can use balsa-wood horseshoes and ask the guest to write a message for you. You can also ask them to toss the horseshoes as a good luck charm. With this, you can make your wedding impressive and get a lovely souvenir from the guest.

2. Play a Barrel as A Table

Are you confused about how to conduct a wedding in an outdoor place? Do not worry. There is a creative way to make your outdoor wedding amazing and leave a deep impression on the guest’s memory. What’s more, it is very easy to do. You can search for some of the barrels. After that polish them so they will look lovelier and worth to be the tables. With its height, the barrel is suited as a homely cocktail table.

3.A Board for Wedding Seating Chart

When celebrating a wedding, the guests that attend your wedding will be guided to their own respective seats. Usually, there are individual escort cards for each guest that act as a guide to their seats. But, why is it not trying something new? Rather than the individual cards, you can use a big board that easy to read as a hint to your guest about the seating set. It is easier and of course different from the other parties.

4. Decorate the Tables With Pinwheels

The next DIY decor ideas for a wedding is about decorating the tables. Everyone wants their wedding to be glorious and lovely. For that, the decoration of the tables is prominent. Talk about the decoration, there are many things that can be used for it. One of them is origami papers or decorated papers. You can fold them into the pinwheels and put them in the lovely glasses or vases. These pinwheels then will become the decoration for the tables. Very simple but lovely, isn’t it?

5. Display the Family Photos

When celebrating the wedding, there will be many guests coming. They are maybe your family, or your spouse’s family or your friends or your spouse’s friends. As many people coming, it is understandable that a lot of them don’t know each other. To counter some awkward moments between them, you can show off the photos of each family and friends by hanging them with a little lovely decoration. With this at least your guests will know each other faces.

DIY decor for your wedding can be fun yet tiring. But if you think about how your wedding will leave a deep impression, you can’t help but feel excited. And with these DIY decor ideas for wedding, you can fulfill the glamorous wedding you dream off.

Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design For Small Space

The kitchen is one part of the house that is quite important. Although this room does not require much space, homeowners can still manage the kitchen well. This is for the convenience of cooking or making food for the whole family. The following are some examples of minimalist modern kitchen design that can inspire a kitchen at home.

1. Small Minimalist Kitchen for Narrow Space

Small and narrow room is not an obstacle to making the kitchen look attractive. With a space that is not so large, the selection of a minimalist kitchen will seem to have its own charm. Placement of the kitchen set must be well organized to be able to juggle a narrow kitchen room into a spacious.

It’s good to use soft colors to display a minimalist impression. Meanwhile, to make the kitchen more attractive that is by using kitchen furniture such as shelves or cabinets with modern but simple decoration.

2. Tiny Small Kitchen

The next minimalist modern kitchen design is small and tiny kitchen design. If the kitchen in general combines the kitchen set with chairs and dining tables, in this design the kitchen is not the case.

Therefore, the use of a neat and simple kitchen set will make the kitchen look beautiful and display the impression of a minimalist kitchen. Besides being practical, kitchen sets like that can simultaneously decorate a kitchen room to be even more attractive.

3. Minimalist Luxury Kitchen

Minimalism does not mean you can not be luxurious. For a minimalist kitchen, it can still be made in such a way as to look luxurious. To make the kitchen have a luxurious impression, use soft or certain colors. For example, the soft color is like the use of purple or sky blue.

The color can also be mixed by white to show a minimalist impression. In general, a luxury kitchen cabinet uses granite or marble. In addition, these materials can also be used as a kitchen floor and wall.

4. Open Minimalist Kitchen

Open kitchen design is also one example of minimalist modern kitchen design. This kitchen can be a solution for homes that have little space. An open minimalist kitchen generally emphasizes the natural and natural nuances that are displayed outside the home.

That way, this kitchen can present natural and fresh natural sensations. In addition, this open kitchen will be very useful when holding events such as garden parties. That way, homeowners do not have to bother preparing cooking equipment and food to entertain guests.

5. Kitchen With Living Plants

Living plants are usually only used as decorations in the living room or family room. However lately, living plants are also used as decoration in the kitchen. It aims to make the kitchen have a natural but simple impression.

Even the freshness of living plants can relax those there. To make a kitchen like this, use soft or monochrome wall colors. Then adjust the design and color of the pot to match.

That’s the inspiration of a minimalist modern kitchen design kitchen that can be copied at home with a small space. This inspiration is very easy to imitate and does not require a large budget. With such a kitchen design, homeowners will definitely be happy to cook or prepare food for family members.

Decorating Tips For Small Apartments To Make It Homey

A big apartment maybe a dream occupancy for most people. But it doesn’t mean a small apartment is bad. Though smaller in comparison, a small apartment has its own advantage. And based on the owner, even a small apartment can be the best home. The trick is laying on how you decorate your small apartment. So, this is decorating tips for small apartments.

Decorating Tips For Small Apartments

1. Choose A Bright Color for the Interior

Do you want to know what’s decorating tips for small apartments? The first thing is about the interior. Choosing the right color of the small apartment interior can make a drastic change. If you choose a rich and darker color for your small apartment, then you have made a mistake. That’s because these kinds of colors will make the spaces look smaller. For a small apartment, it is wise if you choose a bright color for the interior as it can make the rooms looks more spacious.

If you think one color doesn’t satisfy your taste, you can choose three kinds of colors. Light and bright colors can make the rooms seem larger. And by adding darker shades, your rooms will look more interesting.

2. Optimize Vertical Storage

The problem with a small apartment is that it doesn’t have a lot of spaces. So, if you have many things, it may make your apartment looks cramped unless you know how to take care of them. But actually you don’t need to worry about it. There is always a trick to enlarge your apartment. That is by using vertical storage.

This kind of storage is very convenient for a small apartment as it doesn’t require a lot of space. On the other hand, by using vertical storage you can free some spaces and so the rooms will be more spacious. Floor-to-ceiling shelving is one of the examples of vertical storage. It does not only bring luxuriousness in your apartment but also can be used to divide the rooms.

3. Be Creative With Unused Space

The decorating tips for small apartments lay on how you make use of unused spaces. Every apartment actually has a space that is not used. Your task is to examine such as dead spaces. And then think about how to use them to your liking. For example, you can use space near the door of your room and make a shelf. You can also use space under your bed and change it to your closet. Let’s your creativity run wild and use it to decorate the unused spaces of your apartment.

4. Make a Use of Multitasking Furniture

The apartment where you live is small so you want to avoid using a lot of furniture. But, you also need furniture for your daily necessities. So, how to solve this problem? It is very east. What you need to do is use the furniture that has multifunction. As an example, you can use a bed that can be folded into a sofa. Or the coffee table that can turn itself into an office station.

Decorate your small apartment can be really fun. And with the decorating tips for small apartments, you can change your small apartment into a spacious-look and comfy house. Now, your small apartment won’t lose to the bigger one.

Rustic Living Room Decoration For Homey Feeling

Rustic living room decoration always has its charm for people to keep using the style from time to time. The reason is that rustic feeling brings out the familiar feeling with keep the memories. Thus, it not just a room in the house, but memory storage about the people who live in it.

Also, by going with the rustic decoration for the living room, you can have the memorabilia about your personal life. It’s not just a living space, but also a place where you are living. Not to mention, when people visiting your place and have a look at how you decorate your home, they will feel warm. For that reason, here are some ways of putting some rustic feeling in your living room:

1. Family Picture is A Must

The first rule for going with rustic living room decoration is the family picture. Putting the family picture in the living room will announce who live in there. Also, don’t stop on one family picture you take in the studio. But you can put on the smaller ones on frames and arrange them around on the shelf, table, or even put it on the wall.

2. Choose Natural Color

The next rule you shouldn’t forget when choosing for a rustic style is using the natural color. Also, remember, that you can’t put black and white for rustic. Because it will void the purpose of giving a warm feeling by choosing the rustic style. The reason is that these two basic colors have a more modern feel than rustic.

3. Decorate with Children’s Craft

One thing you can feel at ease when leaning for rustic style for the living room is about the budget. Yes, you get it right, rustic living room decoration can cost you a little penny with the details. Because you can put your children’s craft for the decoration. Aside from budget saving, it’s one way to show that your children are matter by displaying what they created.

4. Add Items through the Years

Another plus point by choosing rustic is that you don’t have to go big at once. Because rustic is about time-lapse that isn’t happening at a heartbeat. Instead, there’s one new thing to add to remember for each moment. Also, it’s okay for a mismatch, since rustic is not about a pair of matching sofa. It’s more about adding memories of the people who are living there as time goes by.

5. Old is Gold

Just like continuously mentioned above, rustic living room decoration is about the memories. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about spreading an old worn rug. Although some people will feel better by changing the rug after a period of time, with rustic, you don’t have to do the same. Also, the worn rug feels more inviting than the brand new one.

Choosing for rustic living room decoration is a clever option. This is that, you don’t have to keep updating your living room interior design after a few years. Instead, you can add one memorabilia at a time and only choose to remove the furniture when it goes out of order.