Installment Loans

Discover the cheapest offers of loans for officials and choose the one that best suits what you need.

Types of loans for officials that we can get

If we work for a public body, we have the advantage that financial institutions see us as a profile with regular and stable long-term income, so our options for obtaining credits are more varied. According to our needs, we have several types of loans for officials that we can go to, each with its characteristics and advantages:

  • Private credits: they are loans that are offered to face small incidentals that unbalance our economy. They are characterized because they are requested and granted through the Internet and with very agile procedures.
  • Personal loans: they are a way to finance large-scale projects such as buying a car or paying for the master’s degree, for example. We can get from € 3,000 to € 40,000 depending on the purpose we want to finance and the entity we go to.
  • Credit cards: they are also a way to get financing. The credit limit will depend on the entity, the type of credit card and our profile, usually ranging between € 600 and € 8,000. They allow us to divide large expenses into several months, although these are expenses of a lower amount than those we can finance with personal loans.

Depending on the purpose we need to finance, we can go to a loan for officials or another. For example, if what we want is to finance a trip, it is best to divide expenses with credit cards; But if we want to finance the purchase of a new thermos, private loans are the best alternative.

How to get loans for cheap officials

If we want to obtain financing at the best price, we must look at several aspects before requesting a loan for officials:

  • The interest rate applied: higher in private loans than in bank loans, interest is a percentage that is applied to the outstanding balance and which establishes how much money we will have to pay in total and in each installment. It can be of a fixed or variable type.
  • Commissions: loans for civil servants can also include commissions, which are the costs of the procedures and procedures that the entities carry out to put the money of the credit at our disposal.
  • Related products: in some cases, in order to obtain credits for officials, we must contract a series of financial and non-financial products, such as insurance or credit cards. The cost of these products should be added to the final price of the loan.
  • Notary fees: if we sign the contract before a notary, the fees of this professional will be added to the cost of the credit.

To get an idea of how much a loan will cost, we recommend taking into account the APR, since it reflects both the interest rate applied and the commissions and other costs. In addition, we must always read the fine print of the offer to find out what additional expenses the credit that interests our includes.

How to apply for online loans step by step

Getting the funding via installment loans we need is very simple- Apply here. Thanks to the application of new technologies we can get the loans for officials that we need 100% online. Although each entity has its own procedure, the vast majority of lenders agree on the following steps to contract to finance:

  • Choose quantity and term: in most of the online platforms of the lenders, we can use an online simulator with which we can know how much we will pay interest in total according to the amount and the term we choose. This way we can choose if we want to hire it or not before entering any personal data.
  • Fill out the online form: the next step is to fill in the application form. This form will ask us to detail our personal data, contact information and our economic and employment situation. They usually have a specific field if we work as civil servants. Thanks to the fintech entities will be able to evaluate our request and we can get an answer about whether we approve the credit at the time.
  • Send the documentation: once our application has been approved, the entity will ask us to send the relevant documents so that they can verify that the information detailed in the form is true. Normally enough with our identity document, a bank statement and a receipt of income.
  • Sign the contract: when the entity receives the paperwork, it will send us the contract with all the conditions of the financing that we are going to contract. We must read the contract in detail and ask any questions that arise. It is only advisable to sign whenever we agree with all the clauses that appear in the document.

Finally, when the entity receives the signed contract, it will make the transfer of the capital to our account immediately so that, once the contract is signed, we can enjoy the money that we have requested that same day.

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