Organizing the house so that it is always nice and neat can be a challenge for some people. Having so many things in the house but little space to put them away is usually the main problem they face. Adding more closet and shelves can also make the house even more full. Buying storage is also not cheap, so rather than buying one, try to search for brilliant storage container ideas that you can make on your own.

There are many objects that you can use as a storage container in the house. Broken and unused objects in the house can be conjured up into a storage container. So, don’t throw away the things in the house and make something new from it. Here are some DIY brilliant storage container ideas that you can make to put your stuff in:

1. Broken Fan

If you have a broken fan and it can’t be repaired, then use it as a container for your stuff. Take out the blades and the spare part inside the fan and clean the inside. Then for the front side of the fan, cut it into half so the top part is opened. This way you can put your stuff from the front top part of the fan. You can put your mails or newspaper inside the fan without worrying it will fall.

2. Tissue Boxes

One of the brilliant storage container ideas that people can make is storage from a box. Don’t throw away your tissue boxes or any kind of box in the house. Any box will make a great storage container to keep things organized. One of the ways you can use a tissue box is by using to put your stationary in. All you need to do is cut the height of the box and adjust it with your drawer. If possible, but more than one box inside, so you can organize your stationery inside. Then put them based on their functions and types.

3. PVC Container

Having a small kid in the house means having a lot of toys in the house. Don’t worry because you can still have a neat house by making your storage container. Buy pipes/ PVC and cut them according to space in your house. Then make a square shape / a shape of a container using the connectors that you have bought. But before connecting them, put in a piece of fabric on each side of the square, so it will close the area. Make sure to let one open, to put your stuff in.

4. Suitcase Cabinet

A suitcase can always be used whether you use it to travel or for a cabinet in the house. If you have an unused suitcase that is not too big, use it as a bathroom cabinet. In the cabinet, you can put your towels, tissue and even soap inside the suitcase. If you want to hang it make sure the nails are strong enough to bring up the weight.

5. Unused Jars

After buying peanut butter or jam, don’t throw away the jar. Use the jar as a storage for the house. You can use it for your brushes or your ingredients in the kitchen, so they don’t pile up. You can decorate the jars to make it more interesting rather than just a clear jar.

So, these DIY brilliant storage container ideas are very easy to make. The best part of making these storage containers is they are cheap and will make the house more organized. So, try making your storage container and organize your house so that it can look tidy