Having amazing interior decor for living room should be everyone’s dream. You may ever wonder before to gather with a big family in the living room. On there, you will have a lot of things to do like reading a book or watching a TV together. That’s why it is important to decorate your living room as beautiful and comfy as you can.

However, a beautiful living room can be advantages for you when you bring your friends here. It is the main place where they usually see at first. When you are success steals their heart, at first sight, then they would give more respect for you. You can mix some interior decor for living room ideas and produce the new one. In here, we will give you some of the interior decor ideas. Here we go.

1. Glam Chicago Living Room

Well, this first interior decor of living room only contained a pastel color. It will be perfect for you who loved a living room without too many diverse colors. You can use white or light brown as the wall color and make it a great background. Mixed it with other stuff like a light grey sofa or golden light poles. Also, you can add some antique goods but don’t forget to watch the balance sense.

2. New York City Loft

If you want some urban touch in your living room, then it will be perfect for you. However, this design has a large area with some glass windows to make the light come in. On the other hand, some interior like the chair should be a simple one with grey or black color. You can mix some colors on this design like grey, white, or brown. But don’t put some stuff with bright colors because it can disturb the sense of beauty.

3. California Bungalow Lounge

Do you want your living room is full of many and looks “full”? Then it can be an inspirational design for you. This California bungalow lounge has an eccentric accent with a lot of knick-knacks on the wall. You can put a lot of pictures or some paint on there. Don’t be worry about the aesthetic part of your living room. This design will look perfect if you put these stuff perfectly.

4. Minimalist Living Room

If you don’t have so much time to clean any stuff on your room, maybe you can try this design. This minimalist design doesn’t need too much stuff but still have a great look. However, this design is one of the famous designs nowadays. You need to play the wall color to make it looks full. Give some glass furniture to let the sunshine in. Add a carpet under your chair to give a different accent on there.

So this is the end of this interior decor for living room ideas. You can get other inspiration on the internet or books if you think this is not enough. Make sure you choose the right one because it wouldn’t be that cheap to reset your living room. Also, it will be a place where you and your family gather and spend a lot of time.