As time pass, some things in the house will just get old and broken. Therefore, people usually just throw out these things without recycling them or using them for another purpose. However, rather than throwing things away, try to recycle those old things and make something new from it. One of the things in the house that you can recycle and redesign is the old windows frame. They may look useless and old, but they can be reused and recycle to make something new. In fact, there are many kinds of old window upcycle ideas that you can make for your house.

So, if you have an old window in your house that you are not using anymore don’t throw it away. Move the broken parts and use the frames for decoration in the house. There are many kinds of decoration that you can make from old windows and they are very easy to make. Here are some of the old window upcycle ideas that you can try making:

1. Accessory Hanger

Having too much accessory will never go wrong for woman especially if they use it for their daily life. However, what can go wrong is how they organize it. Therefore, rather than buying a new accessory organizer, make one from an old window. Cut or choose a window that has a size of 2×2. Then on the sides and middles parts of the window nail some nails and cover them up with an accessory. You can then hang all your accessories such as earing and necklaces on the nails. This way you can keep all your accessories organized without extra cost.

2. A-Frame Perches

Make use of an old window by making it as a frame perches in your house. If you have a fireplace, then put the old frame above it. Or if you don’t have one just hang it on the wall with some nails. Then, inside the squares of the window, you can add pictures, letters of even flowers. Therefore, the window will work as a frame rather than an old window.

3. A Chalkboard

One of the old window upcycle ideas that you can create is a chalkboard for your house. You can make small chalkboards through the frames of or make it big chalkboard by cutting off the lines. The hang it on your wall to make an accessory where you can write notes for people in the house.

4. Room Divider

If you are creative enough, then you can make an old window as a room divider in the house. However, make sure you have enough old windows to divide the space in the room. You can go with the rusty design or repaint it to make the divider look newer. You can divide the room by putting the old windows on a table or hang them up, so they don’t take too much space.

5. Plants Hanger

Other than using it for accessory hangers, people can use them to hang small plants inside or outside the house. Add some nails on each top of the frame and hang on small plants on each part of the nail. Make sure the plants are not too big and they can be treated easily. This simple decoration will make your house more beautiful with the touch of something rusty and some plants.

There are many old window upcycle ideas that you can make for decoration. Sometimes you don’t even need to do anything because hanging an old window itself is a decoration to the house. Old windows do give a rusty look to the house, therefore without doing many touches, it is already great. So, rather than throwing things away, try to recycle them and make something useful from it.