DIY Decor Ideas for Wedding, The Way To Make Your Wedding Glorious

One of the important events in life is a wedding. That’s why it is no wonder that people think so much about how to make their wedding become a memorable event. But the budget for celebrating a wedding is so big especially in decorating. So, what’s should you do? The answer is to do a DIY decor for your own wedding. Not only is saving the money but this way your wedding will be more memorable. So, here is just for you DIY decor ideas for wedding.

DIY Decor Ideas for Wedding

1. Creative and Unique Guest Book

If you’re talking about DIY decor ideas for wedding, the first thing comes to mind is the guest book. Rather than the usual guest book, try to be more creative and unique. You can use balsa-wood horseshoes and ask the guest to write a message for you. You can also ask them to toss the horseshoes as a good luck charm. With this, you can make your wedding impressive and get a lovely souvenir from the guest.

2. Play a Barrel as A Table

Are you confused about how to conduct a wedding in an outdoor place? Do not worry. There is a creative way to make your outdoor wedding amazing and leave a deep impression on the guest’s memory. What’s more, it is very easy to do. You can search for some of the barrels. After that polish them so they will look lovelier and worth to be the tables. With its height, the barrel is suited as a homely cocktail table.

3.A Board for Wedding Seating Chart

When celebrating a wedding, the guests that attend your wedding will be guided to their own respective seats. Usually, there are individual escort cards for each guest that act as a guide to their seats. But, why is it not trying something new? Rather than the individual cards, you can use a big board that easy to read as a hint to your guest about the seating set. It is easier and of course different from the other parties.

4. Decorate the Tables With Pinwheels

The next DIY decor ideas for a wedding is about decorating the tables. Everyone wants their wedding to be glorious and lovely. For that, the decoration of the tables is prominent. Talk about the decoration, there are many things that can be used for it. One of them is origami papers or decorated papers. You can fold them into the pinwheels and put them in the lovely glasses or vases. These pinwheels then will become the decoration for the tables. Very simple but lovely, isn’t it?

5. Display the Family Photos

When celebrating the wedding, there will be many guests coming. They are maybe your family, or your spouse’s family or your friends or your spouse’s friends. As many people coming, it is understandable that a lot of them don’t know each other. To counter some awkward moments between them, you can show off the photos of each family and friends by hanging them with a little lovely decoration. With this at least your guests will know each other faces.

DIY decor for your wedding can be fun yet tiring. But if you think about how your wedding will leave a deep impression, you can’t help but feel excited. And with these DIY decor ideas for wedding, you can fulfill the glamorous wedding you dream off.