How To Clean Bathroom Tiles Naturally Using Simple Ingredient

After you decorate your home, you are responsible to keep it clean. One issue that usually is a problem for the homeowner is cleaning the bathroom. It needs something different because you can’t just wipe like the bedroom or even the kitchen tile. The bathroom has different dirt or stain, moreover, the humidity can grow molds. But, don’t be worry, in this article, you will find how to clean bathroom tiles naturally in an easy way.

how to clean bathroom tiles naturally

If you want a quick result, you can use a chemical liquid. Many people use it, but in fact, it is dangerous, both for your health and kids’ safety. The scent from that chemical liquid is bad for your respiration. That is why we find alternative ways about how to clean bathroom tiles naturally. All things used above are safe. Nothing to worry even though your kids are standing near you help to clean the bathroom together.

1. Baking Soda

This ingredient is always at the top place as a home remedy, including to clean the house. Baking soda is effective to remove the stains, even for the naughty one. Mop the floor by using it, these all you have to do: take ¼ cup of white vinegar and ¼ cup of baking soda. For the mixture, 1 tablespoon of liquid soap is enough. Pour them all inside warm water, then apply to the bathroom tile. It would be nicer if you add an essential oil too.

2. Vinegar with Alcohol

Besides combining with the baking soda, you can also mix the vinegar with alcohol. It is not only good to remove the stains, but also keep the ants and mice away from your bathroom. Mix the white vinegar with rubbing alcohol and water. You can put them inside the spray bottle to ease you in cleaning. Drop to the area you want to clean, then wipe it. For the harder stain, the liquid soap can help you.

3. Epsom Salt

When you are planning to clean the grout, it is better to mix the baking soda with Epsom salt. Prepare a cup of Epsom salt, ½ cup of baking soda, and water. Liquid hand soap is optional, but it could be an extra scent so the final would be smelling fresh. Mix all of them together, then scoop by using a toothbrush and rub the grout. It is very safe if you want to involve your son or daughter. Rinse the floor once you see it is clean.

4. Lemon Juice

Just like the baking soda, lemon juice gives you many advantages besides being skincare. Lemon contains high acid which very useful as anti-bacterial and anti-septic. Here, you still need white vinegar and baking soda for the mixture. Prepare the 1/3 cup of baking soda and white vinegar, ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice, and water. Mix them and put them inside the spray bottle. Spray the floor, wait for a minute, then scrub.

5. Vinegar and Detergent

Vinegar could be mixed with anything, even all you have is only the detergent. Don’t be worry, you are still able to clean the bathroom using it. Mix them with the water and pour to the tiles. Wait up to 10 minutes, let them react to erase the stains, then scrub to take out the harder one. Rinse with the water and make sure the tile is free from the soap. It will be slippery and harm to the kids.

From all the tips about how to clean bathroom tiles naturally above, you might get a different result. Because each ingredient’s strength is not the same in cleaning the stains. But however, all of them are better than you keep using the chemical liquid. Just try and find which best as your solution.