How to Decorate Hallway to Look Bigger and Prettier

Hallways are part of a house or building that connects one room with another room. Even though it has an important role in the building people usually don’t care too much. Sometimes hallways are made dark and scary at some buildings. Rather than ignoring it, people can decorate hallways, so it can look more welcoming. There are ways on how to decorate hallway so that it can look bigger and prettier.

Maximize the space of a hallway especially if you have limited space in the house. This place can be used for putting shoes, coats or other general stuff. Also, adjust the color so that when people come inside it seems welcoming and friendly. Here are some tips on how to decorate hallway so that it doesn’t look dark and creepy:

1. Neutral Color

Hallways are usually small and long in each house. There isn’t much space in a hallway, therefore choose a neutral and bright color so it can look bigger. Using bright colors will make the walls look far away from each other and the place looks lighter. Some colors that people can use are white, light blue or light grey.

2. Use Mirrors

An easy way on how to decorate hallway is by putting mirrors on the walls. Mirror always play a magical role in houses which can make it look bigger. Therefore, put a mirror on the wall to make the hallway look long and big. Choose a long and big mirror to hang on the wall. Don’t forget to adjust it to the theme.

 3. Lighting

Lights and lamps is also a way that can always make the room look bad or great at the same time. If you have a narrow hallway in the house, add some white lighting in the space. This can really make the hallway look friendly and wider. The more lamps people give the bigger space will look. However, too much light will spend too much electricity. Therefore, choose one or two lamps that give the best lighting.

 4. Color the Trim

Other then the walls, try to color the trims of the hallways to make it look nicer. Choose tones that can open the space of the house and hallways. Try choosing different colors with the wall but make sure that they blend together.

 5. Adding Artwork

Add some artwork on the walls of a hallway is also great. This is one of the easiest ways to make the hallway look friendly. People can add some paints, hangers, and carpets to make it look welcoming. Other artworks can also be added but just make sure not to put too much. You can also put your shoe rack there.

These easy ways on how to decorate hallway are very easy and simple to do. They are cheap and fast ways to make the hallway look bigger and neater for people to see. So, a hallway is not always a creepy and abandoned place in the house. But, it can be a place where people put their belongings and welcome people at the same time.