Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design For Small Space

The kitchen is one part of the house that is quite important. Although this room does not require much space, homeowners can still manage the kitchen well. This is for the convenience of cooking or making food for the whole family. The following are some examples of minimalist modern kitchen design that can inspire a kitchen at home.

1. Small Minimalist Kitchen for Narrow Space

Small and narrow room is not an obstacle to making the kitchen look attractive. With a space that is not so large, the selection of a minimalist kitchen will seem to have its own charm. Placement of the kitchen set must be well organized to be able to juggle a narrow kitchen room into a spacious.

It’s good to use soft colors to display a minimalist impression. Meanwhile, to make the kitchen more attractive that is by using kitchen furniture such as shelves or cabinets with modern but simple decoration.

2. Tiny Small Kitchen

The next minimalist modern kitchen design is small and tiny kitchen design. If the kitchen in general combines the kitchen set with chairs and dining tables, in this design the kitchen is not the case.

Therefore, the use of a neat and simple kitchen set will make the kitchen look beautiful and display the impression of a minimalist kitchen. Besides being practical, kitchen sets like that can simultaneously decorate a kitchen room to be even more attractive.

3. Minimalist Luxury Kitchen

Minimalism does not mean you can not be luxurious. For a minimalist kitchen, it can still be made in such a way as to look luxurious. To make the kitchen have a luxurious impression, use soft or certain colors. For example, the soft color is like the use of purple or sky blue.

The color can also be mixed by white to show a minimalist impression. In general, a luxury kitchen cabinet uses granite or marble. In addition, these materials can also be used as a kitchen floor and wall.

4. Open Minimalist Kitchen

Open kitchen design is also one example of minimalist modern kitchen design. This kitchen can be a solution for homes that have little space. An open minimalist kitchen generally emphasizes the natural and natural nuances that are displayed outside the home.

That way, this kitchen can present natural and fresh natural sensations. In addition, this open kitchen will be very useful when holding events such as garden parties. That way, homeowners do not have to bother preparing cooking equipment and food to entertain guests.

5. Kitchen With Living Plants

Living plants are usually only used as decorations in the living room or family room. However lately, living plants are also used as decoration in the kitchen. It aims to make the kitchen have a natural but simple impression.

Even the freshness of living plants can relax those there. To make a kitchen like this, use soft or monochrome wall colors. Then adjust the design and color of the pot to match.

That’s the inspiration of a minimalist modern kitchen design kitchen that can be copied at home with a small space. This inspiration is very easy to imitate and does not require a large budget. With such a kitchen design, homeowners will definitely be happy to cook or prepare food for family members.