Top 5 Porch Design Ideas You Will Love

If you like relaxing in front of the house, you definitely have the desire to have a nice porch. Besides being nice to look at, you will also be comfortable when you have a nice porch. So, you should start to find out about porch design ideas.

The porch design will give you choices according to your preferences. You can consider what kind of porch design is suitable for your home. Here are 5 porch design ideas that you can take into consideration:

1.     Mediterranean Style

If you like the classic porch design, this style suits you. This style is identical to the use of tiles that are light brown, beige, or light orange. Tiles that are suitable for this style must be textured, not glossy tiles.

You can complement your porch with rattan furniture and soft sofas. Decorate the surrounding with greenery in pots or vines around the patio pillars. Porch design like this is perfect for enjoying the fresh air in the morning.

2.     Cheerful Nuance

One way to excite the mood in the morning is to relax on the porch of a cheerful house. The points that need to be in the porch design of this house are comfortable seating and brightly colored carpet.

In addition, you can also complete it with colorful cushions and several small pots and colorful flowers as well. Remember to adjust the area of the porch with the amount of furniture so that space does not seem small.

3.     Rustic Style

This design is perfect for those of you who are tired of busy activities in the city center. So, you can bring a rural feel to the design of the porch so that the mind becomes more relaxed.

The porch design is simple and relies on wood material from the roof to the floor. You don’t need to put down with a lot of furniture if you choose this style. Thus, you only need a few chairs and tables with a minimalist design and have a wooden element.

4.     Vintage Style

One of the porch design ideas that you would love is vintage style. It looks very simple, there are only sets of white chairs and flower pots. For the walls, use vintage distinctive colors such as turquoise or exposed brick walls.

You can also combine it with pillars that are useful for supporting the roof. Vintage-style usually chooses pillars with large sizes. Add also some classic lights that stick to the porch wall of your home.

5.     Minimalist And Modern Style

This porch style is currently being popularly applied in many homes. This is because the porch with a minimalist and modern style looks very simple but attractive. You can choose the dominance of natural stone and minimalist colors such as black and gray for the walls.

You also do not need to be busy treating this porch because it is very simple. Although the design is very simple, this house has a contemporary and everlasting look.

Those are 5 porch design ideas that you will like. Choose one of 5 styles that fit the character of your home. In addition, consider also the size of your porch if it is possible for you to have a certain style of the porch.