Rustic Living Room Decoration For Homey Feeling

Rustic living room decoration always has its charm for people to keep using the style from time to time. The reason is that rustic feeling brings out the familiar feeling with keep the memories. Thus, it not just a room in the house, but memory storage about the people who live in it.

Also, by going with the rustic decoration for the living room, you can have the memorabilia about your personal life. It’s not just a living space, but also a place where you are living. Not to mention, when people visiting your place and have a look at how you decorate your home, they will feel warm. For that reason, here are some ways of putting some rustic feeling in your living room:

1. Family Picture is A Must

The first rule for going with rustic living room decoration is the family picture. Putting the family picture in the living room will announce who live in there. Also, don’t stop on one family picture you take in the studio. But you can put on the smaller ones on frames and arrange them around on the shelf, table, or even put it on the wall.

2. Choose Natural Color

The next rule you shouldn’t forget when choosing for a rustic style is using the natural color. Also, remember, that you can’t put black and white for rustic. Because it will void the purpose of giving a warm feeling by choosing the rustic style. The reason is that these two basic colors have a more modern feel than rustic.

3. Decorate with Children’s Craft

One thing you can feel at ease when leaning for rustic style for the living room is about the budget. Yes, you get it right, rustic living room decoration can cost you a little penny with the details. Because you can put your children’s craft for the decoration. Aside from budget saving, it’s one way to show that your children are matter by displaying what they created.

4. Add Items through the Years

Another plus point by choosing rustic is that you don’t have to go big at once. Because rustic is about time-lapse that isn’t happening at a heartbeat. Instead, there’s one new thing to add to remember for each moment. Also, it’s okay for a mismatch, since rustic is not about a pair of matching sofa. It’s more about adding memories of the people who are living there as time goes by.

5. Old is Gold

Just like continuously mentioned above, rustic living room decoration is about the memories. For that reason, you don’t have to worry about spreading an old worn rug. Although some people will feel better by changing the rug after a period of time, with rustic, you don’t have to do the same. Also, the worn rug feels more inviting than the brand new one.

Choosing for rustic living room decoration is a clever option. This is that, you don’t have to keep updating your living room interior design after a few years. Instead, you can add one memorabilia at a time and only choose to remove the furniture when it goes out of order.