5 Simple And Easy Themes For Kitchen Decor Ideas

The kitchen is a functional room that must exist in every house or apartment. How ever small or big your kitchen is, the decoration will make it more special. Here are some themes for kitchen decor ideas options that you can use without doing any complicated things.

1. Colorful Kitchen

The first themes for kitchen decor ideas are with a splash of colors. You can choose your favorite color to be the basic then choose another color to be the accent.

Some kitchen also decorated well with some combination of colors. If you want to make this combination, check for the color pallets on the internet.

You can find some basic color, with a harmonious combination to another color. Put the basic color on your wall. Then, add some paintings or photos above them.

Moreover, you can paint the cabinets or kitchen table with another harmonious color. Make sure all the things inside the kitchen still harmonious. You don’t want the colors to make your kitchen too crowded and be too messy to see.

2. Farmhouse Style Kitchen

The next heme you can use is the farmhouse style theme. The farmhouse kitchen has some characteristics.

For example, the use of wood in most of the kitchen’s furniture. You can use a wooden table that looks rustic and simple to be the center of the kitchen.

Then, a wooden cabinet to store all the things you need. Paint them with a calm and warm color. You can use a soft brown or cream, for the wood color.

That color is simple enough yet looks so rustic. So the kitchen will feel warmer and cozy.

3. Winter Theme Kitchen Decor

The next themes for kitchen decor ideas in winter. You can use it to be the basis of your Christmas decorations.

Christmas is identic to white, green and red color. While winter is great with more white, soft brown, and cool blue.

You can change the furniture color with white, then decorate with Christmas accessories. You can put some snowflakes as an accent on the wall or table.

Add some little deer statue as an accent on the table. Place the red hat or the green trees too in the kitchen.

4. Shabby Chic Theme

If you like cute things inside your home, use the shabby chic theme in your kitchen. Basically, the shabby chic is combining pastel color, with some little floral pattern.

This theme is suitable for a little kitchen which wants to look more pretty without any complicated things to do.

Place a floral pattern mat above the table. Choose pastel colors like cream, soft pink, or another desired color. Let the other things around the kitchen use the same basic color so the shabby chic kitchen will look cute but without too much ornament.

5. Coffee Kitchen Decor

The next themes for kitchen decor ideas are a coffee kitchen style. This is inspired by the color of the coffee which is brown or black.

This theme is good for a man’s kitchen which doesn’t like the too clean minimalist kitchen. Add a wooden cabinet to store items, and color it white.

Then, you can put some coffee things above it. For example some mugs, coffee makers, coffee beans in a jar, and etc. As long as you use the brown, white, and black color as the main color of the kitchen this theme would look great.

Those themes for kitchen decor can be improved according to what you need. But the basic is being creative in your kitchen.

Little details from the accessories that you put in the table or unique cookware you use also can be a decoration too for the kitchen. Be creative and be happy in your cooking time.